79 Cadillac Eldorado

For Sale
1979 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
in Missoula, Montana

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  Vehicle Description
This is a rare San Remo Dorado conversion. It is a limited production car built in handcrafted tradition by Coach Design Group in Westlake Village, California. This is #19 of about 100 cars built in 1979. It sold new for over $40,000.

During modification, the existing frame and body, including the "B" pillars are strengthened before the top is removed. The exterior sheet metal is then redesigned to accommodate a convertible top mechanism. This conversion was by far the most rigid of all the conversions.

I purchased this car at an auction in Los Angeles in 1998. From what I could glean from the paper work, it was a one owner car that was traded for another Cadillac in Santa Barbara. The dealer listed it on the lot and Internet for over $10,000 but eventually placed it in a specialty auction.

I used it as a Sunday driver until I moved to Montana in 2001. It has been garaged and driven occasionally during the summer here in Montana.

This is an elegent and sporty car. You will be the only person in your neighborhood with one.

Vehicle Condition

This is an original, un-restored Los Angeles car with 90K original miles. It has obviously always been garaged and well cared for. The paint is fairly new. The body is straight and rust free. The engine runs strong and doesn't burn or leak oil. The transmission shifts smooth and strong. The interior is in good condition especially for a 25 year old convertible. It has the Olds 350 (5.7L) fuel injected engine that everyone loves. It hasnít been modified since new. The stereo and other items people usually upgrade are still original except for the wheels that are not Cadillac. The tires are fairly new.

Iíve put about 6,000 miles on this car since I bought it. It has been a dependable car. Iíve only replaced the alternator and battery. Iíve always had it garaged and drove it regularly until the last two years. Iíve probably only put 100 miles on it over the last two years.

Interior: The interior is in really good shape. The dash does have the usual cracks from each defroster vent forward to the window. One each, not huge but there. The armrests have a couple of repaired cracks but are in overall good shape as are the door panels. The leather seats don't have any tears or cracks. The leather on the back seats is a little dry. I put some treatment on them and it softened up so I think they are O.K. The carpet is good. Steering wheel is good. Dash panel is good.

Top: This seems to be the original top. It is still intact but showing its age. It will keep out the weather but if put up and down often, it won't last long. The motor and gears work but it is getting stiff and probably needs to be lubricated. No boot.

Body: The body is straight and rust free. The paint job is fairly new but has one scratch and some clear-coat scuffing. I don't know if it is the original color but I suspect it is. The undercarriage and engine compartment are very clean. It was obviously a loved car by the previous owner(s).

Mechanical: The engine and transmission are strong. It doesn't burn or leak oil. The trans developed a leak recently and will need to be serviced.

Known problems:

  • Cold start problem. Fuel injected. Once it runs for a couple of minutes it is fine.
  • Blinkers don't work. I think it is the flasher but I couldn't locate it to replace it. The blinker switch is working.
  • Fuel gage works intermittently. I don't have a clue on this.
  • Heater fan doesn't kick on. I'm told it is a bad relay (and a common problem). Heat and A/C work fine otherwise.
  • The brakes are soft but don't fade. The pads and rotors look good (4 wheel disc). Maybe it just needs to be properly bled or it might be the booster.
  • Power antenna needs to be replaced.